NB: Please read the information below regarding payment/medical aid

I operate as a cash practice and therefore the patient (or parent) is responsible for the payment of therapy sessions directly. Once payment has been received you will be issued with a receipt which can be used to claim back from your medical aid

For therapy, an invoice is sent out at the end of the month and payment can then be made via EFT  (see your invoice for details). Regarding PMB patients, I submit directly to medical aid so that no upfront payment is needed from you. 

For assessments (Psycho-Educational or Adult ADHD) payment must be made before or on the assessment day. This must be done via EFT (details provided on the intake form).  

It is advisable to contact your medical aid first to enquire about the availability of funds and the specific benefits of your particular medical aid plan (as not all medical aid plans make provision for psychology sessions).

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read my cancellation policy

Cape Town psychologist


R1100 per session 

The length of the session will depend on the needs of the patient, however sessions are generally 50 minutes in duration.
Please note I am happy to accept and/or apply for qualifiying PMB patients.

Cape Town psychologist


feedback with computer generated report
feedback with psychologist written report 

(International clients please contact for fees)

This assessment includes a 90 minute consultation in which the nature of the concern is explored, background history is collected and 2 quantitative assessments are conducted (CAARS & WAIS-IV selected subtests). The findings are then explained to the patient during an additional online consultation. The fee above is all inclusive and redeemable from medical aid (plan permitting).


Cape Town psychologist



Includes an initial intake interview with the parents, full comprehensive assessment (approximately 7 hours and includes the most up to date psychometric tests e.g. WISC/WAIS & WIAT-III), a feedback session where Shannon will go through the report together with you & a comprehensive 20+ page report. 

Our assessments will cover a wide variety of potential learning barriers such as dyslexia, ADHD, developmental co-ordination disorder (dyspraxia) ,emotional concerns etc. We will then diagnose (if needed) and recommend holistic interventions for the home and school (e.g. extra time) based on the findings.   

* Please ensure that you contact your medical aid in order to confirm whether they will cover costs for psychological sessions. Educational assessments are charged above standard medical aid rates and therefore will not reimburse fully.

Cape Town psychologist


Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments must be made no later than 24 hours prior to appointments. Late cancellations or missed sessions will be charged for in full. Please also note that this fee will not be covered by the medical aid schemes and therefore will need to be settled out of pocket.